United Nations Service

The United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) was established in 1964 as a peacekeeping force. This force was designed to maintain
the peace between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot populations (each of whom claimed the disputed island as their own). In 1974, the Turkish Army invaded the northern part of the island and after a hurried reinforcement of outnumbered Greek Forces, the UN Forces re-established a separation zone (known as the Buffer Zone) between the two belligerents.

From 1968, when the first PPCLI unit served, Patricia battalions rotated for six-month tours of duty with other Canadian Army units until 1993 when the last Canadian unit left Cyprus. In total, battalions of the Regiment served twelve tours or a sum of six years on the Mediterranean island. Many individuals served on several tours including tours with other regiments.

In addition to UN service in Cyprus, Patricias have served in Israel, the Golan Heights, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, the Congo, Vietnam, Central America, Angola, Somalia, Rwanda, Korea, and most recently in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo on various missions.

 Ortona House, Nicosia Cyprus.