1. Tax Receipts.  Tax receipts for 2016 will available as of 28 February 17.  To access through the new website, you must log on and create and validate your account.  Proceed as follows:


  1. Go to www.ppcli.com and click on right side link “Login”;
  2. User name for first login will be your last name and your initials. The exact same login you use for DWAN Computers.  It is also the exact initials you have on you military paystaments.  Example. Bloggings.cg;
  3. Caps or lower case or a combination do not matter;
  4. Initial password will be your service number; this is case-sensitive, so use the capital letter.  For example, H12345678;
  5. Click login.  DO NOT CHECK REMEMBER PASSWORD!  This is just a temp password;
  6. You will now be in your PPCLI.Com profile page.  First thing you do is change the Email to a personal email address.  A civilian address is preferred;
  7. Next you will hit Generate Password.  If you like the one generated you can use that or overwrite it with one of your choice.  If it is designated as weak my our system, check the box “ Confirm use of weak password”;
  8. Update all other information you wish to update and click “Update Profile at the bottom left of the page;
  9. Your new login will be the new password you created and your user name will be either your initial one or the new email address you provided.  Example of user name. Bloggins.cg or carlgustovbloggins@myemail.com;
  10. Once logged in you are automatically taken to your profile page as you can see on the left column;
  11. To print out your tax receipts click on the “Receipts” link on the right;
  12. This will be the page for your 2016 tax receipt. In future years there will be a link to each individual year you have been donation before you get to this page; and
  13. Click on the link **Print** under the cap badge to print your tax receipt for the year.