Regimental Headquarters is the full time “general office” for all Regimental business. It is responsible to the Chairman of the Regimental Executive Committee and is responsive to the Colonel-in-Chief, Colonel of the Regiment, Regimental Guard, the PPCLI Association and the members of the Regiment.  RHQ shall carry out the following duties:

Act as the secretariat of the Regimental Council and its component bodies.

Maintain and operate the Regimental Funds and Accounts.

Maintain and operate the Regimental Kit Shop.

Maintain and operate the Regimental Museum and Archives.

Maintain and operate the Regimental Veteran’s Care Cell.

Edit and publish all Regimental publications.

Act as the coordinating agency for Regimental activities including matters of protocol.

Maintain liaison between all Regimental members.

Maintain the Regiment’s files, manuals, minute books, seals and constitutional documents.

Produce the Regimental Operating Plan.

Control and account for all Regimental Non-Public Property (NPP).

Maintain liaison with the Colonel-in-Chief, the Colonel of the Regiment, units and Extra-Regimentally Employed (ERE) personnel.

Act as the Public Affairs Office for the Regiment.

Maintain contact with injured soldiers and with families of the fallen.

Assist the Regimental Colonel with the career management of ERE members.

RHQ is currently organized as follows:

1Regimental MajorMajor S.A. Zivkow
2Regimental AdjutantCaptain  M.A. Frère
3Regimental Warrant OfficerWarrant Officer G.G. Davis
4Regimental Museum ManagerSergeant G.A. Wilson
5Regimental Veterans Care SergeantSergeant B.J. Dunphy
6Regimental Kit Shop NCOSergeant W.G. Doyle
7Regimental Kit Shop 2ICCorporal M. Emery 
8Regimental Communications NCOCorporal S. Rifai
9Regimental Accounts NCOCorporal C.R.C. Lee
10Regimental ClerkCorporal M.W.B. Kelly
11Medal Mounting NCOCorporal S.M. Daigle
12Regimental MuseumCorporal A.J. Mullett
13Kit Shop CashierCorporal A.J.S. Bechard-Kucera
14Kit Shop Cashier Private M. Nystrom