Regimental Headquarters is responsible for all aspects of Regimental administration. Regimental Headquarters is the only component of the Regiment devoted exclusively and full time to Regimental affairs. Collectively, RHQ shall carry out the following duties:

Act as the Secretariat of the Regimental Council and its component bodies

Control and account for Regimental non-public property in accordance with the policy of the Regimental Executive Committee (REC)

Retain custody of and maintain the PPCLI Museum & Archives

Maintain and administer all Regimental funds and accounts

Operate the Regimental Kit Shop

Maintain liaison with the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment, the Commanding Officers of units and extra regimentally employed members of the Regiment

Co-ordinate Regimental activity as directed by the REC

Publish all Regimental publications

Act as the Regimental Public Affairs office

Maintain Regimental link with soldiers posted to JPSU/IPSC

Maintain contact with families of soldiers killed while serving

Initiate and support special fundraising activities and

Assist the Regimental Colonel in the career management of ERE personnel