On the 9th April the battalion occupied 700 yards of the front line in Polygon Wood, adjoining the left divisional boundary and facing due south; on the right flank the line curved in a concave arc to Hill 60, a mile distant; on the left it bent sharply northwards to Molenaarelsthoek, a mile to the left rear, and the curvature was such that the right of the 1st Canadian Division at Berlin Wood was three miles directly in rear of the P.P.C.L.I. sector. The fire trenches were revetted with sandbags, they had no traverses and no fire-step; sited on a forward slope they were passably dry. The weather was fine, the enemy artillery quiet, and the lack of dugouts,— one ten by eight splinter-proof per company— was no hardship. The supports also had no cover but the wood