On the night 27th/28th February a party of one hundred, commanded by Major A. Hamilton Gault, successfully raided the German trenches opposite Shelley Farm.


No 4 Coy together with Snipers & bomb throwers (under (T.M.) Lieut PAPINEAU) attacked &
captured German Sap opposite trench 21. Lieut. (C.E.) CRABBE led the attack. The Sap was
demolished & the trench parapet knocked in. The coy withdrew at daybreak. Lieut. (W.G.)
COLQUHOUN who had previously gone out to make reconnaissance never returned. Casualties.
1 officer missing (*) 2 officers wounded (ø). Other ranks 5 killed 7 wounded. 2 missing.

(*) Lieut. COLQUHOUN
(ø) Lieut. CRABBE