Regimental Veterans Care

Your Regimental Veterans’ Care Cell (RVC) has continued to work as a point of contact, advocate and source of information on behalf of all members of the Regiment, those who have served in support of the Regiment and their families. There have been numerous changes in Benefits Packages and Policy changes that directly affect our serving component as well as those who have medically released or moved on from their military careers. In addition to the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces programs, we would like all soldiers serving and retired to be aware of a great many civilian and private organizations and initiatives that exist to ensure a high quality of support and standard of life. The RVC will stay up to date on the policies and issues as they change.


Educational Bursaries and Grants
A number of Educational Bursaries and Grants are available for all members of the Regiment, serving and retired as well as family members. All bursaries and grants have specific requirements and to best find one that suits your needs please visit and go to the RVC tab and look at all your options under Bursaries & Grants. Here are a few with a brief overview of the organizations.

PPCLI Student Bursaries

The student bursary program was established to provide financial assistance for the purpose of advancing the post-secondary education of applicants. Bursaries are available to serving, former and retired members, cadets, spouses, children and grandchildren whom are enrolled with an accredited post-secondary institution. The bursary awards are applicable to post-secondary students enrolled full-time in university, technical school, community college, or any other accredited degree or diploma granting institution anywhere in the world.

Canadian Hero Fund

The Canadian Hero Fund is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Canadian military personnel and their families. As a national civilian charity, the Canadian Hero Fund raises money through grassroot community efforts and acts as a conduit for all Canadians to show their support and care for military families and their sacrifice.

Canada Company

Canada Company helps families of fallen military members with scholarships and other initiatives and assistance. They also help transitioning members of the CAF find jobs in Corporate Canada through their Military Employment Transition (MET) Program and develop educational initiatives surrounding the military mission.


Supporting Organizations

Soldier On
Soldier On is a sanctioned Canadian Armed Forces program that supports currently serving members and veterans to overcome their physical or mental health illness or injury through physical activity and sport. The program is a highly visible and integral component of the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment and priority towards providing a comprehensive approach to care for ill and injured members. The fund has disbursed more than $2.5 million for the purchase of sporting and recreational equipment such as bicycles, golf clubs, kayaks, ski and fishing equipment. The fund also pays for training and travel expenses for members to participate in regional, national and international events.

For a list of national and regional events visit


Outward Bound Canada Veterans’ Program
Outward Bound Canada’s Veterans’ Program is designed to help Canadian military veterans face the challenges they often encounter post-deployment, through inspiring journeys of healing and self-discovery in the Canadian wilderness. Their specially designed programs take veterans on week-long expeditions, incorporating activities such as rock-climbing, ski mountaineering, ice-climbing and hiking. Participants are given an opportunity to reflect on and share their experiences and transition challenges in a supportive and restorative environment.

Full funding is available, if required, including your travel to and from the course. Eligibility for full funding will be determined by their Veterans’ Program Manager. This opportunity is made possible by the generous support of private donors and several committed foundations.

For a list of events visit


Veterans Transition Program
The Veterans Transition Program (VTP) is a group-based counselling and transition course designed to help men and women of the Canadian Forces to overcome barriers to their transition to civilian life.  The program was developed at the University of British Columbia and is delivered by the Veterans Transition Network, a registered Canadian charity.   In the VTP veterans work cooperatively in groups facilitated by specially trained counselling psychologists and former course graduates. The program involves 10 days of retreat-based group work, consisting of three separate weekends during which the group meets for various exercises and skill development sessions. Their new skills are then utilized in daily life between retreats.  Core components of our coursework include communication skills, transition and career counselling, as well as PTSD education and management.  Techniques such as skills rehearsals and smart goals involve participants practicing competencies with each other while preparing and planning for the outside world.  By the end of the course each participant will have completed roughly 100 hours of personal and group work in a clinically supervised setting.
All fees (inc. travel, room and board) are covered by donations from the Canadian public.  VTP can also submit claims on behalf of VAC clients to have their expenses covered by Veteran Affairs.

For more information about the VTP please visit their website at


Wounded Warrior Canada
Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that supports Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, and their families. Through a wide range of national programs and services, Wounded Warriors provides a spectrum of care that is focused on mental health and, particularly, PTSD. Whether it is through their mental health challenges, the pioneering initiatives they fund through third party partnerships, or their individual support management Hand Up program, they are committed to ensuring they provide a diverse set of programs and services for wounded soldiers and their families. Highlighted below is an example of some their initiatives and the proud partnerships they have forged.

  • Can Praxis PTSD Equine. Is designed for Veterans diagnosed with PTSD and their spouse/partner/family member. It is an intense nine day program, divided into three phases, each of which is three days long.
  • COPE. Couples Overcoming PTSD Every day, COPE includes the spouse or partner as a part of the learning and treatment protocols for PTSD.
  • Fly Fishing. Fly-Fishing, and fishing in general, is generally recognized for its health benefits of relaxation and enjoyment of scenic, often off-the-beaten path outdoor experiences. The event consists of a gathering of injured soldiers to one location over three days. The participants are taught the basics of fly fishing out on the beautiful rivers and streams of Canada.
  • Park of Reflection. Is a memorial dedicated to all of Canada’s uniformed service personnel and their families, who have served internationally or domestically, and became ill or injured in the line of duty.
  • Peer Support and Family Assistance Fund. Provides funding to those individuals who cannot afford access to the services of a professional mental health professional.
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. Is a unique national, bilingual program that provides transitioning CAF members with the education, mentoring, financing and tools they need to start up and run a successful business.
  • Tribute to your service events. Allow communities from across the country to open their arms and welcome serving and retired CAF members and guests at events geared towards group camaraderie, information sharing, relaxation and family healing.
  • PTSD Service Dogs. Wounded Warrior is linked to numerous organization which provide PTSD service dogs to the members of the veteran community.
  • Veterans’ Child Scholarship (VCS). Provides a $5,000 (maximum) scholarship per full course year with payments divided on a semester basis. Wounded Warriors Canada’s goal is to increase the number of scholarships in 2017 and beyond as funding permits.
  • Veterans’ Transition Network. VETS Canada volunteers walk the streets, visiting shelters and soup kitchens to seek out those veterans who may be in need of a helping hand to assist them in connecting to the benefits and services that they may be entitled to.
  • VTECS Program, Skills Transition. This Program provides access to an academic environment, credits/accreditation possibilities and potential employment/career opportunities that build on Canadian veterans’ skills, expertise and experience. The VTECS program is specifically designed to prepare Canadian veterans to become force multipliers of the Dallaire Initiative’s work, recognizing the valuable knowledge, experience and insight they possess.
  • Wounded Warriors Canada Doctoral Scholarship. This is a legacy donation that will fund doctoral students from universities across Canada as they research issues relevant to military members, veterans and families.


The Royal Canadian Legion is Canada’s largest Veteran support and community service organization. They have more than 300,000 members in over 1400 Branches across Canada making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families, providing essential services within our communities, and remembering the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The Legion Service Bureau Network serves veterans, members of the CAF, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and their families by representing their interests with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board for disability benefits under the Pension Act or the New Veterans Charter. Professional, Command Legion Service Officers provide counselling, assistance and representational services free of charge, whether or not you are a Legion member. Their representation role is mandated through legislation. If you require assistance in obtaining VAC disability benefits or need more information about available VAC services and programs or the Legion’s benevolent assistance, or have a friend or family member who needs this help, please call 613-591-3335 or toll-free at 877-534-4666 to speak to a Service Officer or visit and click on the serving veterans tab and click locate a contact a service officer to find one within your region.


Canadian Forces (CF) Appreciation
The CF Appreciation Program was created to offer a variety of discounts to Canadian military personnel and their families in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication. The program expanded to include some of the world’s brands and major businesses, and is being enhanced and expanded into new markets. The program aims to incorporate new business categories and more attractive incentives within the existing program to meet the ever evolving needs of the CF community, particularly in the areas of family attractions, leisure travel, entertainment and accommodations.
To enroll in the CFONE program visit and click on register now.
Further to the above reference, effective 31 January 2016, the directorate of military careers administration (DMCA) ceased accepting/processing applications for record of service cards (NDI 75) and the CAF will transition to the CFONE card as the recognition and benefits card of choice. The CFONE card provides access to the CANEX rewards/loyalty program, CANEX only pricing, the Canadian Forces Appreciation Program, as well as a number of smaller, more targeted programs, including the vacations for veterans program, the support our troops summer camp program, and the support our troops scholarship program. Upon release from the CAF, CFONE card holders and their families are encouraged to connect with the CFONE membership office to have their card updated to a veteran status card. Members without a CFONE card should apply for a card that depicts their veteran status within the Canadian Armed Forces community. Likewise, their dependents are eligible for a veteran-family card.