Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is a proud, confident Regiment with outstanding leadership, strong discipline and highly developed military skills that enable it to fight and win on the battlefield of today and tomorrow. Our success and legacy are underpinned by operational excellence and a strong regimental family focussed on supporting and maintaining cohesion amongst serving and retired members and their families.



To provide an excellent infantry Regiment for service to Canada.



The following are the Regimental Objectives:

Objective One – Proficiency. To enable Battalion Commanding Officers to set and maintain the highest standards of unit proficiency, capability, and combat effectiveness.

Objective Two – Leadership Development. To identify and develop the leadership potential of all ranks of the Regiment for the benefit of the individual, the Regiment, the Canadian Armed Forces, and Canada.

Objective Three – Regimental System. To develop and maintain cohesion and a strong sense of regimental pride and espirit de corps amongst all members of the Regiment.

Objective Four – History and Traditions. To record and perpetuate the Regiment’s history, customs and traditions.

Objective Five – Image and Identity. To own and project a strong and positive professional image of the Regiment throughout the CAF and Canada.

Objective Six – Benevolence. To foster the well-being of all members of the Regimental Family.

Objective Seven – Effective Governance. To maintain a relevant and adaptable Regimental structure to facilitate the efficient conduct of Regimental and Corps business, to develop long term plans and goals to support Regimental objectives, and to effectively execute the day-to-day operations of the Regiment.